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Diego Allessandro & Lot 25

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The lone album by Diego Allessandro and Lot 25, a two part rock opera about two young men named Nicholas and Jerome. Radio Static (Don't Adjust Your Dial Mix) single now included with digital download.

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A Note from Diego Allessandro:

     When I started writing this album I had no characters, no titles, no story; I had whatever songs I was working on at the time. My idea was to create a modern rock album tailored to the band Lot 25 was in 2013/2014. We were a four piece band with a single guitar and a keyboard. I wrote and wrote and wrote and demoed over 40 songs with over a dozen still unfinished by the time we started recording. While listening to the demos and playing around with the track order I found two very different young men. I traced their stories through the songs and tailored the arrangements to the narrative and the power of Lot 25.
     Nicholas is a man in his late 20’s, cynical and snarky. He looks at the world around him which fills him with a crippling fear. Together with his best friend Frankie, also a cynic, and his girlfriend Amanda he starts out determined not to make the same compromises that others made causing them, in his eyes, to lose themselves and surrender. The fear mounts and he retreats inward pushing away the people that matter most to him. Fear has a way of sneaking up on you and causing you to act against your nature. It can reduce you to a fraction of the person you were no matter how old, how smart or how rational you are.
     Jerome is quite the opposite. He is fueled by an inconsolable rage. The world around him makes him angry. His sense of betrayal, desertion and rejection causes him to lash out at the world and those closest to him. Even in the quiet moments of the early morning, Jerome seethes and grits hi teeth at the things that hurt and anger him. He’s in love with a woman who is incapable of loving him back and continually dates other men. That kind of angst only seems adolescent to those who never experienced it. Going through life every day angry at the world and wanting to lash out at everything and everyone is not adolescent angst, for some it’s their very existence.
     Thank you to James Dellatacoma for bringing out the best of the band, the music and myself; love you cuz. To Brian Morelli for putting up with me, helping me develop the narrative and the sound of this project, and for his friendship. To Joey, Reid and Marissa for their amazing performances on this album, their friendship and devotion to the band, the music and this album; it was amazing. Thank you to Danielle Spoelstra for her amazing artwork which provides a great visual to the themes and characters on the album. Thank you to my parents and my sister Lauren for their love and support, always. To our fans, thanks for your support since 2013, we love you and we’ll see you very soon.


Diego Allessandro – Nicholas, Jerome, Additional Characters
Brian Morelli – Frankie, Raphael, Radio Announcer, Additional Characters
Marissa Cohen – Amanda, Baby, Additional Characters
Joey Preziosi – Additional Characters

Diego Allessandro - Vocals, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass on tracks 5 & 8,
Synthesizer on tracks 5 & 8, Programming, Percussion, Sound effects

Lot 25:
Marissa Cohen – Vocals on tracks 1-2, 4, 7 and 10
Brian Morelli - Vocals, Drums on all tracks except 5 & 8, Synthesizer on tracks 1-2, 4, 7-10, Farfisa on track 3,
Hammond B3 on track 6, Percussion
Joey Preziosi – Vocals, Electric guitar on tracks 6 and 10, Percussion track 3
Reid Weinman – Bass on tracks 1-4, 6-7, 9-10

Addtional Musicians:
James Dellatacoma - Programming, Sound effects
Recorded at Orange Sound Studios in West Orange NJ
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by James Dellatacoma
Produced by Diego Allessandro, James Dellatacoma & Brian Morelli
All songs written by Diego Allessandro, A.S.C.A.P. Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved
                 Artwork by Danielle Spoelstra